HER Imaging and Molecular Interaction Mapping in Breast Cancer
FP7 imagint
Dragon's Den at NCRI Conference: SPECT imaging of patients with HER 2 positive breast cancer (ImagInt FP7 program)

The Consumer Liaison Group (CLG) meeting, offers a great opportunity for researchers and doctors to discuss their trials with small groups of cancer patients and carers.

Dr Rob Goldstein (UCL) was present at the CLG Meeting on 4th November 2013 at the NCRI Cancer Conference, in the BT Convention Centre, Monarchs Quay, Liverpool, L3 4FP. Here he discussed his clinical trial proposal for imaging of breast cancer patients with CLG members.

From the discussion it was clear that potential participants to the trial had three main concerns.

  1. Firstly, time: if the trial would be on consecutive days, it could be exhausting for patients who live further away. It was thought that a hotel would be beneficial in such a case.
  2. Secondly, travel: trial staff aim to use hospital transport to ease difficulty of travelling to hospital.
  3. Finally, safety of the drug: emphasise must be on what is known about safety.

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