HER Imaging and Molecular Interaction Mapping in Breast Cancer
FP7 imagint

 Partner: Novamen

Project Leader
Alix Hajeau

Novamen Address NOVAMEN
69, rue de la république
69002 LYON
+33 (0)4 78 92 40 00

Mathilde Monges
Anne-Sophie Belmont

NOVAMEN is a brand of ACIES Consulting Group which is active on the national and European stage by supporting collaborative research programs bringing together private and public stakeholders. Since 14 years, NOVAMEN has supported 130 consortia from various fields (health, ITC, environment, food, energy etc.) in the setting-up of proposals.

What does NOVAMEN do on IMAGINT project? NOVAMEN is part of IMAGINTconsortium as management partner. Its role is to support the coordinator from an operational point of view in its management-related tasks, from the consortium coordination, the deliverables follow-up up to the production of contractual activity and financial reports.

NOVAMEN also takes part in the development of dissemination actions such as newsletters, leaflets, workshops, symposium to foster the project visibility and communicate on its results towards the scientific and general public audience.

Website: http://www.novamen.eu/en/our-services/novamen
Contact: contact@novamen.eu

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